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Our newest search engine articles:

» Sådan bliver du bedre til at spille online
Rigtig mange synes, at det er fristende at spille spil online. Og det er ikke svært at forstå hvorfor. Her er der nemlig rigtig mange muligheder at udforske. Der findes nemlig et utal af muligheder online, hvis man ønsker at spille spil. Eksempelvis roulette, online poker, klassiske slotsautomater og meget mere. Og det er næsten umuligt ikke at finde en type spil, der falder i ens smag, når udbuddet er så stort.

» Synlighed på nettet: Du må ikke gå ned på disse 3 ting
Leder du efter succes på nettet? Hvad enten du har en blog, en webshop eller et hvilken som helst anden hjemmeside, så er synlighed et nøgleord, hvis du leder efter succes. Igennem denne artikel vil du få tre gode råd til, hvordan du kan blive mere synlig på nettet.

» 6 link building myths clarified
Cryptic pronouncements by Google and differing opinions among SEO-people around the world, often create misunderstandings, which turn into entrenched myths. In this article, we focus 6 of these myths.

» Will web page speed become a more important ranking factor?
Google's Matt Cutts recently suggested that the speed of a web page may soon get more attention in Google's ranking algorithm. It seems that Google focuses on fast websites to make the searching experience better.

» Google's duplicate content patent
This month, Google was granted a patent with the name Duplicate document detection in a web crawler system. The patent explains how a content filter from the search engine can work with a duplicate content server.

» Google Caffeine: how will it affect the rankings of your web pages?
Google Caffeine is the name given to Google's next algorithm update that is going live after the holidays. It seems that Google Caffeine will be more than Google's regular updates. It will probably be a major overhaul of the calculations that Google uses to rank web pages.

» Official search engine statement: link building do's and dont's
Bing recently published a document about link building. Although it focuses on how Bing deals with inbound links, it can also help you to get better links for Google, Yahoo and other search engines. The most important points of Bing's document can be found in this article.

» Image optimization
Google Images has indexed billions of images. If your image can be found for the right keyword, then you will get targeted visitors to your website.

» The right SEO tactic for low and high competition
Depending on the keywords for which you want to get high rankings, you have to employ different tactics. Keywords with less competition require different tactics than keywords with high competition.

» Dont' screw it up: why should other websites link to your site?
The links that point to your website are one of the most important factors that influence the position of your website in Google's search results. The better the links to your website, the higher the position of your website in Google's results.

» Paid links: do they really affect your Google rankings?
Many websites on the Internet will link to your website if you pay them for the links. Is this a good method to increase the link popularity of your website or can you get in trouble if you use paid links?

» Official Google statement: How to deal with bad inbound links
Many webmasters think that low quality links or links from spammy websites can have a negative effect on the ranking of their websites on Google.

» How to get your website above the regular results on Google - without paying for it
For many businesses, it is very important to be listed in Google Maps. If you offer a service or a product that is relevant to a special area, you might miss many visitors if your website is not listed in Google Maps.

» Five steps: How to outrank your comptetitors on Google
To get high rankings on Google, it is not necessary to have everything that Google expects from a great website. You just have to be better than your competitors.

» TrustRank revisited: do search engines trust your website?
In 2004, Yahoo engineers published a document about TrustRank. TrustRank describes an algorithm that search engines can use to determine relevant search results.

» Reciprocal links: are they great, crap or something in between?
Reciprocal links are discussed controversially among search engine marketers. Some think that reciprocal links are great, others think that they are a waste of time, another group thinks that reciprocal links work to some degree.

» A new free online keyword suggestion tool with a unique database
If you want to succeed on the Internet, it is extremely important that you choose the right keywords for both organic search engine optimization and pay per click marketing. If you choose the wrong keywords, you'll waste a lot of time and money.

» The effect of your URL structure on your Google rankings
Does Google care about the position of a web page on your server? Does it make a difference if a web page is in the root directory of your website or in a sub directory? How does your URL structure influence the position of your web pages in Google's search results?

» Google's human reviewers: real people judge about your Google rankings
Most people think that Google purely ranks websites by using mathematical formulas.

» The winner takes it all: how to survive three rounds to get the sale
One of the main problems in Internet marketing is that it is often a "the winner takes it all" game. That means that the best website will get the deal and all other websites will get nothing, no matter how good they are.

» Case study: are Internet directory submissions still a good SEO method?
Most webmasters know that high rankings on Google and other modern search engines can only be achieved if a website has both optimized web page content and good inbound links.

» Optimizing your website is like working with a fitness coach
Some people think that getting a website on Google's first result page can be done by purchasing the right product of service. You just have to click a few buttons and that's it. Unfortunately, that's not possible.

» How to get much better results with Google AdWords
Google's AdWords system is a great way to get more website visitors. However, Google is also a business that needs to make money. That's why most people pay much more for their AdWords ads than they have to.

» PageRank sculpting: does it still help you to get higher Google rankings?
Google has changed the way it processes the nofollow attribute. These changes have an impact on how you can use the nofollow attribute for PageRank sculpting on your website.

» How to outrank websites that have more backlniks than your website
If you want to get high rankings on Google, it is necessary that many other websites link to your website. This is something that most webmasters know. What many webmasters still don't know is that a website that has only a few inbound links can outrank a website that has many inbound links.

» Action plan: how to change the titles of your web pages to get more visitors
The titles that you use for your web pages are very important. They are an important factor for the ranking algorithms of search engines and they are the first thing that web surfers see when they find your website in the search results.

» SEO is pointless if your website does not convert
Getting listed on Google's first result page is great. It's not so great when you find out that you get a lot of visitors through your high search engine rankings but only a few customers.

» How to save money with quickly created long tail keywords
Last week, we informed you about the new keyword tool in IBP. IBP's keyword tool uses the unique keyword database of

» For how many keywords should you optimize a web page?
Getting listed on Google's first result page is the goal of any search engine optimization campaign. If you have taken the time to find the best keywords for your website, you probably have a very long list with many keywords.

» A new keyword tool with a unique keyword database
The keywords for which you optimize your web pages are one of the most important factors for search engine optimization. If you choose the wrong keywords, all SEO efforts will be in vain and you will waste a lot of time and money.

» Microsoft's new search engine Bing - and how to optimize your website for Bing
Microsoft's Bing search engine has just become publicly available, allowing you to decide whether Microsoft's latest effort has the goods to take on Google. Bing is available at and replaces Live Search.

» Has Google a new -50 penalty?
Webmasters in an online webmaster forum observed an anomaly in Google's results that might indicate a new Google penalty. Which websites have been penalized and could this affect your own website?

» How to find out which websites are hosted on the same server as your website
Are you living in a bad neighborhood? Your website could. Did you know that your web host probably hosts several websites on the same web server as yours?

» How to create trust for high Google rankings
Trust is a major factor in Google's ranking algorithm. Some websites can get high rankings on Google for nearly any content they publish while other websites cannot get high rankings at all although they have optimized web page content.


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