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How to use thumbshots on your link pages

Thumbshots are thumbnail screenshots of web pages that allow you to visualize web sites before web surfers click on the link. If you use thumbshots on your link pages, web surfers know what they get before they click on a link.

Thumbshots are a great way to easily enhance the look of your link pages.

What does a thumbshot look like?

The content of the thumbshot image depends on the web site it represents. For example, a thumbshot next to a link to can look like this:

This is a thumbshot of Axandra web site promotion software tools

Axandra develops top rated web site promotion tools for search engine optimization, search engine submission, link popularity and more.

How can you quickly add thumbshots to your web site?

There's a free web service that allows you to quickly add thumbshots to your web site. Although the service is provided by a German company, it works with web sites in all languages.

Just add the following code next to a link on your links pages

<img src="[LINK]" border="0" onload="if (this.width>50) this.border=1; this.alt='Vorschau bei';">

Replace [LINK] with the URL of the web site for which you want to have a thumbshot image. If you use the service for the first time, you might have to wait a few minutes until the thumbshot for the web site has been created.

If you want to use their free thumbnails service, you have to put a small link to their web site. Details can be found here.

How to quickly add thumbshots to all links on your link pages at once

If you use ARELIS to create your link pages, just add the following HTML code to your link page template:

<img src="[A-Link-URL]" border="0" onload="if (this.width>50) this.border=1; this.alt='Preview';">

ARELIS will automatically add a thumbshot image to all link partners in your link directory then.

You can also use this to offer potential link partners an incentive to link back to you. When ask for a link back to your site, offer your link partner a banner of a thumbshot next to the link in your link directory. If the link partner agrees to link back to you, just enter the following URL in the Picture or banner URL in your link directory edit field in ARELIS:[A-LINK-URL]

Thumbshots can give your link pages a professional look. If you use ARELIS to create and manage your link pages, you can quickly add thumbshots to all link partners in your link directory at once.

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