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Why has your website been dropped from Google?

Has your web site been dropped from Google and you don't know why? There are a number of factors that can get your web site banned on Google. In this article, we'll tell you why your web site can be banned from Google and what you can do to get listed on Google.

Reasons why Google drops web sites from its index

The most common reason why web sites are removed from Google's index is that these web sites use shady tricks to get higher search engine rankings.

If you use cloaking, hidden text, doorway pages or any other technique that's only for tricking search engines then you can be sure that your web site will be banned as soon as Google finds out. Don't try to cheat Google, it will backfire on you.

Even if you don't use shady tricks to optimize your web site, your site might be removed from Google's index if your web site was down when Google tried to index it.

If you have a new web site, or if you have made major changes on your site, your web site might be put into Google's sandbox. You then just have to wait until it comes out of the sandbox.

How to get listed in Google

1. Optimize your web page content

Google can only rank your web site highly for your keyword if it can find out what your web site is all about. To tell Google what your web site is about, you have to optimize your web pages for Google.

2. Get good incoming links

Google heavily relies on links to determine the ranking of web pages. The more web sites link to your site, the better your rankings. Make sure that the web sites that link to your site are related to your web site and that the links to your web site contain text that is related to your site.

You can use tools like ARELIS and IBP's Link Popularity Improver to get more links to your web site.

3. Avoid dirty tricks

Only use ethical search engine optimization methods to optimize your web pages. Using shady tricks will get you banned sooner or later.

If you used cloaking, doorway pages or hidden text on your web pages before, rebuild your web pages with the ethical methods described above and send a re-inclusion request to Tell Google that you have cleaned up your page and that you don't use these unethical tricks anymore.

Getting listed on Google is possible. Just play by the rules and make it easy for Google to index your site by optimizing your web page content and by getting good incoming links.

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