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What Google knows about you

Much has been said about Google collecting personal information from web surfers. Some people are even so disturbed by Google's data mining that they have completely banned Google from their web sites.

What exactly does Google know about you if you use their services? In this article, we try to collect a list of things that Google knows about you.

Google feature Personal information that Google might collect with that feature
Google Toolbar the web sites you visit, how often you visit them, how long you visit them, the links you click, the searches you perform, when you perform them
Google WebAccelerator the web sites you visit, how often you visit them, how long you visit them, when you visit them, the links you click, the searches you perform
Google AdWords your complete address, your credit card information
Google AdWords conversion tracking your online revenue, your number of online sales
Google Desktop Search the complete content of your desktop, your emails, your Word documents, etc.
Google AdSense your complete address, the number of your web site visitors, if you use AdSense code on more than one page, the way people visit your web site
Personalized Google home page your interests, the stocks you own (or are interested in), your favorite news sources (your political views)
Google MySearch history all of your searches (your interests, hobbies, plans)
Google SMS your cell phone number
Gmail the content of your email messages, to which people you write, which people write to you
Google cookies they help Google to identify you and to combine the information from the different Google features to a single account

Google can collect even more information about you with its normal web search feature and other Google tools such as Blogger (if you use it).

Although nobody is forced to use Google's tools, some people find it problematic that a single company can collect that much information. Before you use Google's services, you should be aware that you'll share a lot of information about you with Google.

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