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Search Engine Facts

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Natural SEO vs. PPC advertising

According to the results of the iProspect Outsourced SEO Metrics & ROI Study (PDF link), 35% of the surveyed organizations that promote their web sites with natural search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click advertising recognize a higher return from SEO.

This compares to just 11% of marketers who report that PPC ads produce higher ROI. That means that three times as many webmasters who can measure the ROI of each method recognize a higher ROI from natural SEO than from PPC advertising.

Should you use PPC or SEO to market your web site?

The study confirms that you shouldn't focus on paid search engine advertising. While pay per click can be a good addition to your normal web site promotion activities, you'll receive a better return on investment (ROI) with natural search engine optimization.

Many webmasters that are new to web site promotion choose only pay per click advertising. Optimizing your web pages for natural search engine results involves a lot more work but in the long term, you'll receive a much better return on investment with natural search engine optimization. The numbers speak for themselves.

How to get a better ROI with your natural search results

To get a positive ROI with your natural search results, it is very important that your web pages are optimized for high search engine rankings.

It is equally important that your web pages are optimized for the right keywords. You will only get a positive ROI from natural search results if you target keywords that attract web site visitors that are interested in buying your products.

Details on how to find the best keywords for your web site can be found in our free SEO book.

How to get a better ROI with pay per click advertising

Getting a positive ROI with pay per click advertising also depends on the keywords you use in your pay per click campaigns. In addition, it is also very important to use the right text in your PPC ads.

Use the wrong texts or keywords and you can pay a fortune on pay per click ads without getting something back. Take a look at this Google AdWords book to find out how to optimize your Google PPC ads.

If done correctly, pay per click campaigns and natural search engine optimization can both contribute greatly to your bottom line.

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