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Can online press releases really increase your search engine rankings?

Online press releases have become popular because some webmasters think that press release can help to increase the search engine rankings of their web sites.

Do online press releases really help your search engine rankings? How can you benefit from these services?

What are online press releases?

Online press releases are normal press releases that are distributed through the Internet. Popular online press release services are PRWeb and PRLeap. These services list your press release on their web sites and on a number of partner web sites.

Some people think that the links in these press releases can help the link popularity of a web site and thus increase the search engine rankings of a site.

What does Google say about online press releases?

Matt Cutts is the person in charge for fighting search engine spam on Google. He says the following about press releases and high rankings in his blog:

"A legit press release can get you written up by reporters, or editors/sites may subsequently choose to link to your site. But the actual content of the press release itself doesn’t directly affect a site. For example, those hyperlinks don’t help [the web site in the press release] in Google."

What does this mean to your web site?

Online press releases don't hurt your search engine rankings. However, they also don't increase your rankings (if no one writes about your business). The press release alone and its distribution on various web sites has no effect on your placement in search engines.

If you don't have something people really want to hear then do not send a press release. You should only use press release services if you have something newsworthy to say. If you have an interesting press release then your web site can be mentioned on many other sites.

What can you do if you don't have any news for a press release?

Press releases are not the only way to attract links to your site. The best links to your site are links from related sites that recommend your web site in the normal text.

To find and contact related web sites, use ARELIS. For example, ARELIS quickly finds out who links to your competitors and it also allows you to contact these web sites so that they link back to you.

Developing and maintaining high quality links to your web site is essential to the success of any online business. ARELIS helps you to do it as efficiently as possible.

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