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How to submit your web site to all Internet directories

Internet directories have become very popular because they are an easy way to get inbound links to your web site.

Why have Internet directories become so popular?

Inbound links can greatly increase the search engine rankings of a web site if the links contain the right keywords and if the links come from related web pages.

Usually, the category pages on an Internet directory are considered related web pages if your web site fits in the selected category. That means that links from Internet directories can have a very positive effect on the search engine rankings of your web site.

How many Internet directories are available?

Of course, there are the big old Internet directories such as and even the Yahoo directory. All big Internet directories can be found in the IBP's Internet directory submitter.

In addition to these traditional Internet directories, many special interest Internet directories and small Internet directories that have only been created for the link purpose have entered the scene in the previous months.

Lists of Internet directories that can link to your web site can be found on several search engine optimization web sites.

How to submit your web site to all Internet directories as quickly as possible

Submitting your web site to search engines and Internet directories can be a time consuming task. That's why we included the search engine submitter and the directory submitter in our popular SEO tool IBP.

However, there are so many new Internet directories and Internet directories in different languages that we cannot support them all in IBP. For that reason, we have added the brand new Custom Directory submitter to the new IBP 9.1:

  1. Start IBP and select the Custom Directory Submitter.
  2. Enter the URLs of your favorite Internet directories (you can even paste a list of URLs).
  3. IBP will fill out the submission forms for you.
  4. You just have to click the Submit button.

The new Custom Directory Submitter in IBP allows you to submit your web site as quickly and easily as possible to the Internet directories and search engines of your choice.

That means that you'll get many inbound links and higher search engines rankings for your web site.

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