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Google uses a new spider to index web pages

Google is using a new crawler software program for their AdWords advertising system that automatically spiders and analyzes the content of advertising landing pages. The name of the new crawler is AdsBot-Google. If you see such an entry in your web logs then your web site been visited by the new bot.

What does this mean to your AdWords ads?

Google tries to determine the quality of the ad landing pages with the new bot. The content of the landing page will be used for the Quality Score that Google assigns to your ads.

Google uses the Quality Score and the amount you are willing to pay to determine the position of your ads. Ads with a high quality score can rank higher even if you pay less than others for the ad.

If you don't allow Google's new spider to index your web pages, then your AdWords quality score will go down. Google has an official statement on its AdWords pages:

"While you can exclude your site from review, this will provide us with little information about your landing page's quality and relevance. Therefore, if you restrict AdWords from visiting your landing pages, you will experience a drop in Quality Scores for your related keywords.

(This will cause higher minimum bid requirements for any landing page for which you've restricted access.)"

What does this mean to your organic search engine rankings?

If you use cloaking on your web site and if you advertise your web site on Google AdWords then Google now has another way to find out that you're cloaking.

Serving different pages to different Google spiders can get your web site in trouble. We explained this in a previous issue of our newsletter.

Your landing pages should be relevant to the search term that you target in your AdWords ads. If you're not sure how you can optimize your Google AdWords ads, our AdWords eBook might help you.

Your landing pages should be related to your ads and they should convince your web site visitors to buy something on your web site. Good landing pages work with PPC ads as well as with organic search engine listings.

If you want to learn more about turning web site visitors into customers, take a look at the chapter "How to turn visitors into sales" in our free SEO ebook.

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