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The final goal of search engine optimization

Most businesses have realized that search engine optimization (SEO) is important if you want to succeed on the Internet. However, many webmasters still don't know what SEO is about.

If you miss the mark, search engine optimization can cost a lot of time of money without getting results. If you do it right, SEO will improve your business.

What is the goal of search engine optimization?

The goal of search engine optimization is to bring new customers to your web site. SEO is about being found by the right people. It's about matching a prospect with the right offer. It's as simple as that.

What is not the goal of search engine optimization?

SEO is not about getting listed for every possible keyword. Many people try to get as many high search engine rankings as possible, for as many keywords as possible. That's not only a lot of work, it's also a waste of time.

It's not important that your web site is listed for a lot of keywords. It's important that your web site is listed for the right keywords and that your web site turns visitors into buyers.

How can you improve your search engine optimization results?

    1. Create convincing web pages

      That's a very important step. If you don't have web pages that appeal to your target group then you don't have to bother getting visitors.

      Your web pages must be designed so that your visitors become buyers. You must create trust, you must convince your visitors and your web pages must be easy to use. Details can be found in the chapter "How to convert visitors to sales" in our free SEO ebook.

    2. Find the right keywords

      Find the keywords that work best for you. IBP's keyword generator can help you to build keyword lists that are related to your business. Use these keywords for pay per click (PPC) campaigns on Google and Yahoo.

      Track these keywords with a conversion tracking tool such as AxROI. AxROI will tell you which keywords lead to sales and which keywords are just a waste of time and money.

    3. Optimize your web pages for these keywords

      Once you know the keywords that lead to conversions, you should optimize your web pages for these keywords. While PPC allows you to quickly test keywords, optimizing your web pages allows you to get targeted visitors without paying for them.

Search engine optimization can lead to great results if you concentrate on the right goals. Search engine optimization is about improving your business. It's not about getting as much traffic as possible. Focus on your target group and on keywords that work best for you. You'll save a lot of work while increasing your profits.

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