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How to get links from .gov sites with high PageRank

There's a new trick that some webmasters use to get high rankings on Google. Just like the trick we mentioned in a previous issue of our newsletter, this new technique exploits security holes of other web sites.

How does this trick work?

Just by adding a special extension to an URL of a government site, you can put any web site in a frame set of the government site. That means that the framed web site will get a link from the government site.

Frame trick

In this screenshot, you see framed on a page of the United States Department of Agriculture web site (a PR7 site). If that link was indexed by Google, would have received a PR7 link from that site. can easily be framed on the site by entering a special page URL on with a extension.

This technique has been successfully used by a web site selling popular blue drugs. The web site could achieve a top 10 ranking for an extremely popular medical search term that way.

It seems that this technique works. Should you use it?

We highly recommend not to use this technique. Just like all spam techniques, you can only achieve short-term results with it. In addition, it's probably illegal to frame your web site into a government web site.

Google has already discovered the problem. If you don't want to be banned from Google, you should not use this technique.

If you want to get long-term results, you should use ethical search engine optimization methods. Build a web site with great content, make it easy for search engines to index your web pages and get good inbound links.

Web sites that have all of that get great rankings on Google, Yahoo and all other search engines.

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