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PageRank is not a big deal

Many webmasters are still obsessed with the green PageRank bar in Google's toolbar. Last month, marketing expert Mike Grehan interviewed Google's Matt Cutts.

Matt Cutts is a Google engineer who knows exactly how the Google ranking algorithm works. He confirmed that PageRank is not the only important factor for Google.

PageRank is not a big deal

Matt Cutts made a clear statement about PageRank in the interview: "There are over 100 factors in ranking. And PageRank is just one of them. It's an important factor, but it's by no means the be-all and end-all."

We've said it before in our newsletter: the green PR bar in Google's toolbar doesn't mean much. If you want to get good results with search engines, you should not get obsessed with that value.

What can you do to get your web site listed on Google if PageRank is not a big deal?

As Google's Matt Cutts explained in the interview, Google uses many factors to rank web pages. The problem is to find out which factors exactly influence the ranking of your web site.

IBP's Top 10 Optimizer analyzes many factors that can influence the ranking of your web pages. That allows you to find out which factors exactly you have to tweak and how you have to do it so that your web site can get top rankings on Google.

Google (and other major search engines) basically want two things:

  • good web page content that can be crawled by search engines
  • good inbound links from reputable web sites

If your web site has interesting content that can be crawled by search engines and good inbound links than it is difficult not to get high search engine rankings.

The interview confirmed once again that the comprehensive SEO approach we follow with IBP and ARELIS is the best way to get long term results results on search engines.

Successful search engine optimization is not about getting a single trick done. It's about working on all important factors that can influence your web site rankings. Our tools can help you to do this. You can listen to the entire audio interview here.

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