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Can your business afford a quick and easy SEO solution?

Webmasters want quick and easy solutions to their problems. Most people want to get high rankings in Google and they want these rankings now.

That's the reason why some companies offer quick and easy solutions that are supposed to bring your website in Google's top 10 results quickly and easily. Are these methods good for your business and can you afford to use them?

5 quick and easy methods to get high rankings on search engines

The following five methods are the most popular quick fix solutions that some website promotion companies offer:

  1. Hide text on your web pages

    If you want to get high rankings for a special keyword, the keyword must appear on your web pages. If you don't want to change your web pages, hide keyword rich text on your web pages. For example, use white text on a white background, use CSS to hide text areas, fill HTML comments with keywords, etc.

  2. Cloak your web pages

    Cloaking is a method that allows you to deliver different pages to search engines and website visitors. For example, your website visitors could see your regular web pages while search engine spiders are redirected to keyword rich web pages that are stuffed with keywords that are relevant and not-so-relevant to your business.

    Cloaking is an easy way to provide search engines with lots of content without changing your regular web pages.

  3. Get content from other websites

    Everybody knows that search engines need content to get high search engine rankings. The easiest way to get content rich web pages is to reproduce content from other websites on your website.

  4. Buy links

    Buying links is a quick way to get many links to your website. Why waste time to develop natural link partnerships with related websites?

  5. Participate in linking schemes

    Search engines prefer websites with many inbound links. Why not join a link network that promises hundreds of links within days with little work or no work at all?

Quick and easy solutions can become extremely expensive!

The problem with the methods mentioned above is that they all will get your website banned from Google's search result pages sooner or later. Google thinks that these methods are spam and they are right with that opinion.

You can get short term results with these methods but it is only a matter of time until your website will be penalized for using these methods. Just to be clear: Do not use the methods above or you will harm your website!

Can you afford these methods? Three questions and a risk-free plan.

Can your business afford to use one of the methods above? Consider these three questions:

  • Do you have employees or investors?
  • Is your website the primary source of your income?
  • Would losing most of your visitors be a disaster for your income?

If your answer to one of these three questions is yes then you should avoid the tactics mentioned above at all cost. The risk is just too high.

If you want to get high rankings on Google without risking your website, use ethical search engine optimization methods. If you want to get lasting rankings, optimize your web pages for your keywords without spamming and get high quality links instead of using shady linking schemes.

Ethical search engine optimization methods take some time but they produce much better results than shady quick fix solutions.

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