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How to get indented listings for your website on Google

Wouldn't it be great if your website was listed twice in Google's top 10 results for your most important keywords? Although Google usually shows only one page from every site in the top results, it is possible to get two listings if you do the right things.

What are indented Google listings?

Indented listings on Google's search results pages can give your website additional exposure. Having an indented listing in Google's search results means that you'll have two listings for your website in the top 10 results in Google instead of one:

Indented listings

These indented listings are also called double listings. Google explains these listings like this:

"When Google finds multiple results from the same website, the most relevant result is listed first, with other relevant pages from that site indented below it."

It's obvious that your website will get more clicks and more visitors if it is listed twice in the top 10 results. Most webmaster don't know how to get these results. That's your chance to get a step ahead of your competition.

How to get indented listings for your keywords

To get an indented listing for one of your keywords, do the following:

You must have a web page that already has a top 10 ranking for that keyword. If you do not know how to get top 10 rankings on Google for your keywords, use this tool.

Create a second web page on the same domain that links to the first web page that has the top 10 ranking. Optimize the second page for the same keyword as page one but use different content.

Link from the first page to the second page with your keyword phrase in the anchor text. If possible, use a contextual link within a body of text rather than a site-wide navigational link.

Get inbound links for the second page. Depending on the competition for the keyword, a few high-quality links can be enough to get the indented result.
Repeat step 1 to 4 for as many keywords as you want.

If your website has two links on Google's result page, then it will represent 20% of the organic results instead of the regular 10%.

That means that you'll get more clicks and more visitors. It would be foolish not to optimize a second page for your keywords. Start here to get top 10 Google rankings for keywords that attract buyers.

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