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6 link building myths clarified

Cryptic pronouncements by Google and differing opinions among SEO-people around the world, often create misunderstandings, which turn into entrenched myths. In this article, we focus 6 of these myths.

1: Links from guest posters damage you

In July of this year, Google announced that it would start going after link spamming websites. Many simply misunderstood this announcement. You can still use guest posts as a part of your link building strategy. There is nothing to worry about unless you solely do it to accrue more links, and if you guest post on all kinds of absurd pages, that take in just about anything.

Google will not tolerate "large-scale article marketing or guest posting campaigns with keyword-rich anchor text links". Notice how Google is addressing the excessive use of guest posting, not guest posts in general which in general is a very good tactic for linkbuilding.

2: Links from press releases damage you

A few weeks after Google had begun hitting down on press releases, they changed their link-scheme conditions and began including press releases. The change was misunderstood by many, even more experienced SEO folk. Many took it, that it had become dangerous to make press releases in general. Let's break it down. First of all, Google doesn't have anything against press releases. What they do mind, are those who use press sites for the sole purpose of link building. The purpose of press sites is to attract other media to bring your story, not to get links from the press site itself. So don't be afraid of writing press releases, but don't anchor optimize the links. Place the relevant link at the bottom of the article. And don't use anchor texts.

3: A nofollow link transmits no value

Of course it does, however it doesn't transmit PageRank! But PageRank isn't everything. Far from it. If you think that a nofollow link from Wikipedia or from another major credible website does not give any value to your web site, think again. Let me give you this example, in which someone created a rel=nofollow-linkprofile and achieved quite decent results in SERPs.

4: Make good content and the links will pour in

You can have the best content on your website, but if no one is watching no one will link to it. Even though Content Marketing has become the new black in online marketing and the SEO community, it can't stand-alone. Creating content is only a small part of the overall task in regard to SEO. Reach out to those people who may think your content is great. Show it to them and convince them to share.

5: All links are born equal

It's tempting to think that a link from is just as good for you, as it is for me. But that isn't the case. The higher the authority of the link profile on your domain, the more you'll get out of a link. In principle that means, that you and I can get the same link, but one of us might get twice as much out of it.

In general you need a diverse linking profile, to do good in the search results. If you are having a hard time finding possibilities, you should try and look into the linkbuilding club if you work with SEO in Denmark, nevertheless.

6: Reciprocal links do not work

Reciprocal links i.e. linking to each other are subject to much misunderstanding. It is true that a reciprocal link doesn't count as much as a one way link, but it actually does count for something, and can even be properly rewarding. If you have business partners with whom you can help each other's customers, don't hesitate to link to each other. It will not do any harm, and will in fact transmit PageRank and other values. Do not listen to those who say to you, that reciprocal links simply cancel each other out. That isn't true.

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